HZero is the first innovation hub for LAC with a focus on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN), promoting disruptive and transformative  innovation towards achieving Zero Hunger in the LAC region. HZero aims at strengthening local innovation ecosystems in FSN, building alliances between key stakeholders, catalyzing efforts and capacities, and facilitating resources with the aim of supporting innovations that create a positive impact in the territories of LAC. The hub is managed by the WFP Country Office in Colombia.

We aim to strengthen local innovation ecosystems.

HZero objectives


Support and accelerate innovative solutions in FSN that empower and benefit communities, women, youth and children, smallholder farmers and migrants, by implementing innovation programs.

Foster FSN innovation at the territorial level, by facilitating linkages, knowledge exchange and resources to strengthen local
economies and markets.

Consolidate an innovation community in FSN in the LAC region, by promoting an innovation culture, facilitating exchanges and fostering collaboration among actors contributing to Zero Hunger.

Our unique value proposition

  • We are part of the WFP global innovation network that has positively impacted the lives of more than 9 million people in 2021 alone by accelerating and scaling innovative solutions to fight hunger worldwide.
  • We foster innovation in territories and promote culture, identities and diversity through an inclusive, community based and people-centered approach.
  • We empower the most vulnerable by co-designing and implementing local and sustainable solutions.
  • We convene and connect multi-sectoral actors.

Highlights 2021 - 2022

Thematic areas

  • Nutrition and healthy diets
  • Sustainable and resilient food systems
  • Ancestral knowledge and territories
  • Equitable livelihoods
  • FSN assistance in emergencies
  • Innovation in WFP programmes


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Learn more about Innovation For Nutrition at wfp.org/I4N

Learn more about I4N at wfp.org/I4N and join this initiative and together we can reach Zero Hunger.