Narda Lepes

Food activist y Chef

1992. She begins to dedicate herself to gastronomy (Hotel Presidente, Buenos Aires).

PARIS. Three years later she travels to do stages in restaurants, passing through the kitchens of Gerard Foucher and Joel Robuchon.

ASIAN INFLUENCE. Upon her return, she experiments with Japanese cuisine at the Morizono restaurant. She then she dedicates herself to fusion cuisine at Club Zen. She continues with Ono San, also with oriental style. And she becomes chef at La Corte restaurant.

FESTIVALS AND RECITALS. Narda also performs private catering services, counting among its clients musicians and artists such as: Oasis, REM, Beck, Neil Young, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Santana, Robbie Williams, Ricky Martin and The Doors.

TV. In 1999 she made her debut on the cable signal elgourmet, dedicated to gastronomy (www.elgourmet.com). Thus begins a television career that includes programs with her recipes and her favorite music, ideas for cooking on special occasions, meals with famous figures and a series of gastronomic trips that took her to places like Japan, London, Morocco, Brazil, Greece, Vietnam and Cambodia. Her role as a host is recognized with several Martín Fierro awards.

VERY USEFUL. In 2010 Narda joins the FOX group channel, where in addition to conducting various programs, she works as a consultant and content provider. (www.utilisima.com).

GRAPH. Narda’s presence in the media grows with her own weekly column in the Viva magazine of the Clarín newspaper, the Sunday publication with the highest circulation in Argentina (www.clarín.com). She also served as Creative Director for elgourmet.com magazine.

EAT AND HAVE FUN. Narda works in partnership with Juan Paronetto in this venture in which cooking, work and imagination converge, advising important brands and taking care of food styling and staff training, always betting on well-being and a lifestyle.

BOOKS. The first of it came in 2007, when she published “EAT AND HAVE A GOOD TIME” together with Editorial Planeta, transmitting her vision of eating. This work receives in Paris the GOURMAND WORLD COOKBOOK AWARD as “Best cookbook by a television celebrity”.
Two years later she publishes WHAT, HOW, WHERE. SHOPPING GUIDE, essential roadmap with information on places to buy good and delicious things (www.librodenarda.com).
In 2012 she collaborates with her aunt Vivi in ​​PRESERVAS Y CONGELADOS, while she prepares a new title …

CHARD. Narda actively participates in the Association of Cooks and Entrepreneurs Linked to Argentine Gastronomy (www.acelga.org), organizers of the MASTICAR Fair. The objective: to work for the identity of Argentine cuisine and to position the country as a world reference.

MOTHER. In addition to being a cook, driver and businesswoman, Narda has a daughter: Leia.


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November 25, 2021
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25 November
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